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Pregnancy Support Wrapping Consultant, Babywearing Consultant and Doula Services

by Lana Lehnert

Certified Practitioner

As a certified Pregnancy Support Wrapping Consultant, Babywearing Consultant and Amani Birth Doula, it is my pleasure to offer professional services for women in Kuwait during their pregnancy, birth and beyond. I have received my educational studies and trainings in Germany and Kuwait and I am proud to ensure a service which is unique in Kuwait.

Passionate Consultant

As a mother of three wonderful children, pregnancy, birth and keeping a close connection through babywearing plays a big role in my life. Getting to know my body better, making choices for the birth of my baby, all of it offered me an easier start into motherhood. I truly wish to guide and assist you through the early stages of motherhood. Your body, your baby, your journey. You can do this, but you don’t have to do it alone!

Home Service

To offer convenience for you during pregnancy or with your baby, I am offering Consultations always in the comfort of your home to give you the convenience to stay in your own trusted environment. If you prefer a different location kindly let me know and we will arrange an alternative solution.

Online Consulting

During the current Corona crisis, a personal consultation at the safety at your home is difficult due to curfew regulations, as it is unreponsible for the health of you and your family. To keep you safe and comfortable I offer this special way of personal consulting.

  • Professional live consultation using video call
  • An selection of carriers you’re interested in learning about will be delivered to your home before the consultation

Prices & Services

Not Sure Yet?

I’m happy to answer your open questions and concerns in a free call – for up to 15 minutes. Please leave your contact details – I will call you back soon!

Lana’s consultation was the best gift ever 😍 I enjoyed it and learned how to wear my baby right in the most comfortable way for me and the right position for her!

I enjoyed trying different types of carriers so I can choose the best one for me and my baby ❤️


I did a consultation with Lana and I must say she had so much information on Babywearing. Highly impressive! She was very prompt and helpful. ❤




I just had a babywearing session with Lana and I can’t recommend her enough for anyone who wants to babywear safely. It really freed up my hands and gave my sore arms some rest. Sooo happy and confident that my baby is safe in a carrier ❤ ❤




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes, with a minimum notice of 24 hours prior. Late cancellations are handled at my discretion.

Which areas do you cover with your home consultation service?

All residential areas are possible.

Do I need to own a carrier to book a consultation?

No! Whether you already have a carrier or not is not important.

I bring plenty of options for you to try and choose from, which helps you choose the carrier that is right for you.

If you already have a carrier, we can focus on this one – but if desired, you can try others too. Totally flexible.

Can my husband be with me in the consultation?

I’m afraid that my consultation service caters to women only, but I will happily assist you via whatsapp after our consultation. I encourage you to pass on your knowledge to your husband and promise to assist to my best capability.

Do I need to prepare anything for the consultation?

All we need is you and your baby. If your baby happens to be asleep, it gives us time to try out carrier options with my babywearing doll. Finally, to ensure if a carrier option not only fits you but also your baby, we need your baby. This also prepares you to put your baby in a carrier ultimately by yourself without needing assistance.

Can I breastfeed during a consultation?

Absolutely! The well being of your precious baby is our highest priority to ensure a smooth session. Baby’s needs always come first. The time you need to nurse your baby, will be deducted from your invoice at my discretion.

You got more questions?

Contact me by Whatsapp on +965 9491 1210 or use the contact form below to send me a message.