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“Just wanted to share my review of the Fidela carrier:
I love it, its exactly what i needed for baby’s “inbetween age” where she’s not yetable to sit up freely with her own support.
The fidella allowed her to be in a position where she could use mama’s support and feel like it’s all her own doing.
Mama is enjoying moving around without feeling babys weight and baby is content.”


“I am using the carrier everyday. When my baby is fussy, I put him in the carrier and I am able to do some skin to skin while getting my work done at home. Helps a lot.

Also when I go out or to a mall, for a walk, yes I take the stroller. But after sometime, He would want to be lifted. It used to be tough holding him and pushing the stroller. But now I just keep the carrier under his stroller so that as soon as he wants to be carried. I just wear it and slide him in it. الحمد الله It has definitely helped me.
جزاك الله خير!!
May Allah bless you with soooo much barakah and rewards. آمین 🤍”

Um Adam

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Amanda Klein

German Certified Consultant

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